Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Back in grandma’s era no outfit was complete if the handbag and shoes didn’t match. But then we went the other route and stayed away from a matching look.

Today there seem to be no rules about purses and handbags matching. In fact, with the advances in shoes and handbags since grandma’s days you wouldn’t want to match them too much or you’d be a hot mess walking.

The trend in handbags today is to have a unique neutral that does grab attention but not too much. Like this season’s screamingly hot trend, the pink purse. Which is perfect for almost every occasion and matches almost everything.

The trend in shoes is obviously not pink shoes but rather a variety eye catching styles that take any and all attention away from the pink purse.

So while matching your purse and handbag can be good in some situations, weddings, job interviews, and church it’s not the trendy way to go. If you want to look your best look for shoes that have something to say and a purse that doesn’t get in the way.

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