A new study recently looked at whether current or past footwear was a factor in foot pain. The results proved that past shoe wear can be connected to foot pain. Really?! Someone actually needed to do a study on that? I think that’s one of those situations where logic could have been used rather than an expensive study. Of course shoe selections can cause foot pain, and the more you wear uncomfortable the more your feet are damaged.

Basically the study only proves what you’ve known all along. If you want to wear the latest trends in footwear, from needle heeled stiletto over the knee boots to super strappy gladiator sandals you’re probably going to have a bit of pain, either now or later. If you want to avoid foot pain then you’ll have to skip the latest trends for the most part and stick to athletic shoes or duty shoes.

There is one way to eliminate some of the pain and possible some of the damage your super sexy designer shoes cause. Pairing your shoes with Arch Supports can make your shoes more comfortable, help prevent foot pain and possible future damage, but remember beauty typically hurts.

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