Kate Moss Safari Sandals

Kate Moss Safari Sandals

This spring shoes have taken a few interesting themes. The gladiator sandal of a few years ago was a brilliant themed shoe, something we haven’t seen a lot of lately. So it’s probably no surprise that the spring 2010 shoe line has a few new themes that are equally interesting and stylized.

For the rocker gal or those special occasions, the Glam Rock Sandal is the spring 2010 shoe to turn to. Mainly black, but sporting some other strong colors, Glam Rock Sandals look tough and often are accessorized with studs or other metallic findings. Printed fabrics, animal skins, and metallic fabric are also incorporated into this shoe style making it a wonderful combination of trends.

Speaking of animal prints, Safari Sandals are another way to bring a few different trends together. Now obviously no one would really go on safari in heels, so excuse this little contradiction, and select a pair of Safari Sandals for your wild night on the town.

The Vintage Americana Sandal isn’t as clearly defined as the other two trends, but nautical themed fashion is garnering a little attention and would fall into the Vintage Americana category. This look may get some further definition as time goes on or it might be a bit of a catchall to define simple, classic styles.

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