It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a huge Manolo Blahnik fan. You just need to look in my closet (or in my husband’s wallet) to figure that out.

So imagine my freakin’ horror today, when I saw these:

Manolo Blahnik Men’s Shoes

What the heck are they?!

Yes, that’s what I was asking. I’m sure Carrie Bradshaw was appalled to find out these are from Manolo Blahnik’s new line of men’s shoes.

I could see some hip guys pulling off the third pair. But who is buying the top two?

Most gay guys I know have more taste than to wear these tacky shoes. Most straight guys I know … well I’m not even sure they’d realize that these are supposed to be men’s shoes.

I’m so horrified at how bad these shoes are that I need to run out and get my husband a pair of manly boots just to try to balance out the world.

So I grabbed these rugged Asolo Echo boots from Zappos.

Please Manolo, stop with the Man-olos before they start! I can’t imagine the other styles that are forthcoming in this line!


I think I need a Cosmo and a “Sex in the City” marathon.

Oh … just FYI, according to Vogue U.K., a six piece collection of the “men’s” shoes will be out in February.

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