Rachel Bilson Open Toe Booties

Rachel Bilson Open Toe Booties

Boots go with summer like flip flops go with winter. Okay, so that’s a practical sentence, one you’d find in an ACT test but the reality is people wear flip flops in the winter and this summer you’ll probably start seeing a lot of people wearing boots too.

The boundary got blurred when cut out boots hit the market a couple years ago. Initially the cut out area was a small statement piece, then it spread to an open toe and finally a strappy look that almost seems shredded. This is what you’ll be seeing more and more of this summer, especially the open toe bootie.

Erase your preconceptions of a bootie as a full on boot that is just a bit shorter and imagine something a lot more versatile. Some of these booties actually resemble a mule or a sandal more than they bring to mind images of boots.

But don’t expect summer to be limited to booties, the cowboy boot or western boot is a popular trend and will inspire more than a few women to pair them with peasant skirts and dresses.

So don’t be shocked if 2010 goes down as the summer of the boot.

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