Kate Moss Sandals

Kate Moss Sandals

Summer is around the corner so it’s time to get your sandal line up ready for the big shoe. This summer you’ll need a few different types of sandals to take you from morning to night and from fitness to fun.

Fisherman Sandals are a big trend this year and a practical way to play this summer. Unlike most trends, this is one that is good for everyone; men, women and children and in many situations a nice fisherman’s sandal can replace a flip flop.

Speaking of flip flops, they’re not going anywhere and you’ll want to be sure you have a pair to throw on in casual situations and maybe a nicer pair for a night on the town where you don’t want to look like you tried too hard.

For women the wedge sandal is going to be huge in 2010. Starting off with a pair of wedge sandals for night is a great idea and will get you used to the idea for fall when the wedge will reign supreme.

For men the dress sandal is picking up some steam. I’m not sure the average guy can sport this shoe at their job yet, but the more stylish man can pull off this look and inspire others.

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