Rachel Bilson Embellished Sandals

Rachel Bilson Embellished Sandals

This summer the sandal has come in so many incarnations that each one seems to want to stand out on its own and grab everyone’s attention.

Gladiator sandals are desperately trying to hold onto their position in your closet but with the fad fading it are not an easy task. To make gladiators more appealing there are now crystals, sequins, studs and more and more straps that ever before to cross trends and add more wow factor.

Platform sandals have gone a similar route by adding a lot of embellishments but you’ll see a lot of platforms with metallic touches in the way of buckles and studs or complete metallic uppers that are everything but subtle.

Flip flops are providing a bit of a twist by adding ruffles and faux flowers, one of the biggest trends of the summer. They’re also playing with prints on both upper and sole to grab a little more eye appeal.

Fisherman sandals are getting a little boost in acceptance by adding exciting new colors. A lot of neon seems to be popping up on fisherman sandals and in ways that are appealing.

I do have a bit of a prediction, I expect we’ll start seeing some reflective or glow in the dark material being incorporated into fisherman sandals and flip flips in the future and quite possible in other sandals as well.

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