Suri Cruise in Heels Well the hottest young fashionista in Hollywood (or Boston) is Suri Cruise. We knew it would happen sooner or later but I don’t know that anyone expected it to be this soon. The toddler took to the streets in Boston dressed in an outfit that is sure to have everyone in the preschool set drooling with envy.

Her hot pink ruffled t-shirt is just the thing this season, celebrating color and femininity without being too risqué or over the top. And the asymmetrical ruffle of the top plays perfectly with the tiered printed skirt. And the hot air balloon print on the skirt is just the right look for this young one with her aviator father.

But it’s the accessories that really caught everyone’s attention. Little Suri Cruise toddles around in a sublime pair of children’s kitten heels. The shoes are adorable and hint at the big girl that is just about ready to burst forth. And for those naysayers who think the heel is too much, remember Mary Janes have a heel too, in fact many girls toddler shoes have a little bit of a heel.

Suri Cruise didn’t stop accessorizing with the kitten heels, she added just the right little handbag to the outfit. The clear plastic sack is perfectly playful for a little one, it smacks of the nothing to hide fun that a toddler lives for and the pink plastic handle matches her ruffled t-shirt.

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