Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation

Okay so taking a vacation for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have a whole lot to do with shoes, which is sort of my main focus here, BUT just imagine all the cool new shoes you’ll need for your vacation!

The main reason I’m suggesting taking a trip for Valentine’s Day is because I’ve been looking and the number of cheap vacation packages is pretty darn impressive and the prices are even more ridiculous.

Now I know we’re all sort of strapped for cash with the economy the way it is, or at least I am, so taking that vacation may seem a bit out of the question, but can you pass up an inclusive trip to a tropical destination that costs less than your flights would have 2 years ago.

So let’s get to the important part of this Valentine’s Day trip, the SHOES! Okay so if I’m saving thousands on a dream vacation to a tropical destination then I NEED the Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Strass Suede Caged Sandals. I’ll totally admit that these shoes look like a kid ate too much candy and then threw up on your yellow sandals and I don’t know why but I totally love them. They’re so crazy fun and funky and just scream, “Hey, look at me! I have great shoes!” I also don’t know when or where I’d wear these shoes except on a fabulous Valentine’s Day vacation.

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