Hilary Duff Cowboy Boots

Hilary Duff Cowboy Boots

Word on the street is that American Vintage is the latest trend in women’s shoes. File this under the everything old is new again category and we’ve got ourselves a trend that is both new and old at the same time.

So if you want to be trendy but just don’t know what American Vintage is then think menswear. Yep, apparently the shoe designers thought of men’s classic shoes and boots when they came up with the new American Vintage trend and have designed women’s shoes to reflect classic men’s shoe styles.

For dress shoes the men’s oxford or wingtip has been rethought and turned into a women’s shoe. Some women’s oxford shoes are very similar to a man’s shoe, the only difference appears to be the size while others are blown out up and turned into a sexy, definitely feminine, shoe with hints of its predecessor’s style.

In boots the motorcycle boot and the cowboy or western boot are the latest styles to go the feminine route. Again you can find traditional boots that look like they could be worn by either male or female feet and there are the deconstructed women’s boots that bear very little resemblance to their inspiration but just enough to appear tough.

The best way to wear an American Vintage shoe is to bring a lot of femininity to the rest of the outfit, it’s the contrast that really makes the look sexy.

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