Jennifer Lopez

Used to be the bootie was a trend in itself and everyone had to have a pair. This season the bootie is breaking out and coming up with its own twist on the styles. A simple pair of ankle high boots, or even slightly below the ankle isn’t enough, you need to find some ankle boots that strut style.

This season has seen a ton of boot trends come down the line and the bootie has adopted those trends and some of them work, some don’t. One of the biggest trends this season is the cut out boot, the cut out bootie has followed that trend and is actually more successful than and better looking that the regular cut out boot. It is more practical than the full length boot so it looks better.

The platform boot and the platform shoe were raging trends this year and the bootie followed with a platform bootie which looks great and adds height all over while keeping it fairly easy for the wearer to walk.

Metallic accessories and fringe were spotted on boots this season and the accessorized bootie appeared with varying degrees of success, too much accessorizing can be overwhelming on a short boot, as can a pattern that’s too busy.

One bootie trend that isn’t doing as well as the trend is in the traditional boot market is the multiple buckle and strap trend. Booties with extra straps can easily look too cluttered and messy.

So the moral of the season is – booties are on point with the trends, but not all of the trends are good.

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  1. Jill on Friday 16, 2009

    Booties with bling are a must have! And I love the cut out bootie rend. Hope that one doesn't fade away when the season ends…. Makes wearing flashy tights fun!