Kim Kardashian Cuffed Boots

Kim Kardashian Cuffed Boots

There’s been a new trend in shoes and boots that is largely getting ignored or at least not spoken about, it’s the cuffs. At first they started off as a practical thing with the over the knee boots that you could cuff down to make them more versatile and makes the boot a nice stepping stone for those who aren’t quite ready to do the over the knee look.

But now the cuff is being seen on all sorts of shoes and boots. Ann Taylor has come up with a cute cowl bootie that looks more like a shoe with a cuff. It’s adorable in the photos but I wonder how that would look with a foot in it, the opening seems a little large and it would lose its sex appeal if there was a gap between the foot and leather upper.

There are also cold weather boots that can be cuffed like Timberland’s Premium Heel Fold Down (could the shoe have a less sexy name?). These boots are actually very attractive and I really want a pair. They’ve got a nice sized heel and with the cuff folded down they look very fashionable. But with the cuff up they become a little more practical and their waterproof upper actually makes them useful, to a degree.

I believe this is bleeding edge fashion and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the cuff in the future. So, fashionistas, stock up now and lead the way.

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