Whitney Port Flat Boots

Whitney Port Flat Boots

A quick lap through any department store’s shoe section and you can see two obvious trends, and they’re not new ones. The trends are flats and platforms.

It’s interesting that the two trends are sort of polar opposites of each other. I have a definite preference for high heels, I save the flats for jogging or running quick errands. I wonder if most other people have a preference and tend to stick with that or if the trend followers grab onto both styles and spend the week bouncing from one height to another.

The flats trend really hit its stride last year with flat boots and gladiator sandals. This year these trend setting flats will be joined by a whole bevy of flat shoes in virtually every style imaginable.

The platform’s most common reference point used to be the wedge but now it’s gone further than that and almost every shoe can now be created with a raised toe box. The best part about this is the heels of shoes can also be boosted, making the dangerously high hooker heel accessible to all and extremely popular.

So it looks like 2010 will be divided into two camps, those with flats and those with platforms.

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