Kate Beckinsale Printed Pumps

Kate Beckinsale Printed Pumps

The winter 2010 footwear forecasts are out and they tend to focus around the boot and the huge number of boot trends that are sweeping the market. But what about shoes?

I think shoes will have a hard time trying to keep up with the multiple boot trends, so to get noticed you’re going to see shoes become even louder. Which means if you want to get noticed while wearing shoes during the winter 2010 season then you’re going to have to wear shoes that will grab attention. Stuart Weitzman’s Pipe Cover Up Pumps in a giraffe print or a zebra print is one sure fire way to get the attention your shoes deserve. The standard pump receives a trendy update with the eye catching animal print and the haircalf fabric to add authenticity to the look.

Weitzman’s not the only shoe designer to pick up on the printed haircalf L.A.M.B. has come up with its own Juva Houndstooth Haircalf Pumps as has Luxury Rebel with the Jenny Haircalf Booties and Michael Michael Kors with the Women’s Austin Double Buckle and their Women’s Fulton Loafer.

Right now this is a cutting edge look and you can be on the forefront of it, but expect to see so much of it this spring that you’ll either want to be known as the one who started it or you’ll want to avoid it altogether.

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