Kate Moss Fashion Faux Pas

Kate Moss Fashion Faux Pas

I live in the snowy north so wearing sandals in the winter is not only a faux pas, it’s just downright silly. But a large number of people live in warm climates and they will be sporting sandals year round, so what are the sandal trends for the winter of 2010?

Four words pretty much sum up the sandal trends for the winter 2010 season; dark, strappy, heavy and accessorized.

Heavy Sandals
The sandals for winter are much different than summer sandals, they carry more weight, both literally and visually.  Look for sandals with substantial uppers that cover more of the foot and have more solid soles. Flip flops are a summer shoe, so leave them in the closet and buy some season appropriate sandals.

Dark Neutral
Winter 2010 sandal trends also lean to a more dark neutral in hue. Look for brown or black winter sandals that reflect the season. Leave the summer yellows, reds, and pinks in the closet until spring and adopt a more serious attitude for the winter months.

Strappy Sandals
 The strappy sandal is a carryover from the summer trend of strappy sandals and the gladiator shoe from the summer before. The only change is the strap for winter tends to be more substantial and wider than it was this summer.

Accessorized and Embellished
Another carryover trend is the accessorized or embellished sandal. You’ll find chains, studs, jewels, buckles, zippers and all sorts of accessories on your winter sandals in 2010. These help brighten the dark colors and add interest to wide straps.

In summary, look for winter 2010 sandals to be more substantive, dark and with design elements that draw interest. And, most importantly, skip the Kate Moss look above and leave your socks at home. Socks and sandals was NEVER a good idea.

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