Get-Fit-in-2010 It’s just around the corner and researchers say more than half of us will make a new year’s resolution to get fit in 2010. For some this means joining a gym and making a daily workout a priority. For others it just means skipping that extra dessert and walking whenever possible.

Whatever your fitness regime and resolution, you’re going to need some new gear. Athletic shoes are a great way to start the new year. You can get specific ones made for whatever sport you’re going to throw yourself into. Cross trainers if you’re not certain what route you’re going to follow. Or the new Skechers Shape Ups if you’re going to try walking your way to a newer healthier you.

Another essential ingredient to your new fitness regime is some activewear apparel. Even if you’re just going to go walking you’ll want a comfortable outfit that you can move freely in and that can get a little bit sweaty and dirty. If you’re going to go all out and join a gym you’re going to want several activewear outfits for different situations. For first timers to the gym, dress in layers. Gyms are usually kept a little cool so you’ll be chilly when you start out but once you get that heart rate climbing you’ll want to be able to take off a layer so you don’t overheat.

And most importantly, don’t overdo it on your first day out of the gate. It’s not only hard to muster the willpower to hit the gym after a grueling first day, sometimes it’s physically impossible to move those muscles. Take it easy and progress through the year and as long as you stick with it you’ll be happy with the results.

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