Victoria Beckham Platform Shoe This summer the platform shoe reached new heights of popularity. In the past the platform shoe was something of a joke, popping up every so often and noted as the staple shoe wear accessory of the 1970’s disco queen (and king for that matter). But this summer the platform shoe was revisited in a sexy, stylish way. The raising of the toe box a little bit lets you add more heel without any additional discomfort. Perfect for a season where the towering needle stiletto is relied on to create a sexy sleek finish to any outfit.

The platform has made the transition from summer shoe trend to winter shoe trend pretty seamlessly. The platform boot can be found almost everywhere now, DKNY has even come up with the Bop Rubberized Boot in the standard slicker yellow and black with a platform sole. (I must have these shoes!) This may be the most practical platform boot around but probably not something everyone is going to rush out and buy. The hot ticket item will be something like the Belle by Sigerson Morrison. These boots rest just below the knee but can be cuffed to add versatility, the heel is high and angles down to a nice point and the rounded toe box is raised for platform height. Black, as always, will be the most neutral color to buy and will finish your sexy winter look on a high note.

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