New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Tonight’s the big night, time to ring out the old year and bring in the new one. For many people it means a whole night of partying, dancing and drinking so getting dressed is a pretty important step in setting yourself up for a great night. When I get dressed I first figure out what shoes I’m going to wear and then dress around them. So what shoes do you wear on New Year’s Eve, well that all depends on what sort of drinker you are.

The Novice Drinker

The novice drinker is going to get loaded and probably fall down or throw up. Just accept that this is who you are and wear the appropriate shoes. Athletic shoes are usually a good choice in this situation. If you will be in a warmer climate you may want to wear a sandal that will be comfortable and won’t fall off, in this case a fisherman’s sandal is probably a good idea. You also don’t want to wear new shoes as they’re bound to get destroyed.

The Practical Drinker

This is for those who live in cold weather climates and who will be hoofing it from bar to bar. If you’re this practical then you probably already know that wearing cold weather boots is the way to go. Just remember you can still be practical and look great, the newest cold weather boots are warm, water resistant and attractive.

The Professional Partier

The professional partier is not out to get drunk, they’re out to make an impression and be the life of the party. A sassy pair of party shoes is the choice in this situation.

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