Jenna Fischer Thong Sandals

Jenna Fischer Thong Sandals

Before you bust into the thong song, I’m not talking about that sort of thong. But the thong shoe has made a huge comeback this year and it’s a good thing it has because it’s an incredible look and doesn’t come with that annoying flapping sound that flip flops do.

I think the thong sandal’s comeback is really due to the popularity of the flip flop and the gladiator sandal. The look brings the T-strap higher up on the foot and often including an ankle strap, which is wonderful for those people who have a hard time keeping a flip flop on their feet.

There are a variety of thongs on the market today but I think the classic style, like the Sam Edelman Women’s Gigi is the perfect shoe for the summer 2010. This shoe is simple and casually dressy, meaning it would work for a casual outfit or a dressier night on the town. The faux animal print is on spot trendy and appropriately subtle. And the flat heel is a comfortable trend that has been growing in popularity for the last couple years.

So break out your thong and enjoy the summer of 2010.

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