Nicky Hilton Wedge

Nicky Hilton Wedge

The platform took center stage last year and many people who had experience with the platform in the 70’s automatically thought of the wedge, which is actually quite different. This year it’s time for the wedge to shine.

A wedge shoe is similar to a platform shoe in that the foot is elevated from toe to heel, although typically the heel is elevated quite a bit more. The main difference is that a wedge doesn’t have a distinct delineation between the toe box and the heel, the shoe’s sole literally looks like a wedge. Platforms typically have a distinction, meaning a more traditional “cone” shaped heel, but not necessarily. Wedge shoes can actually be rightfully called platforms, but platforms are not wedges.

All of that being said, your platform sandals from last year are still super trendy and wearable but this season’s newest look will be the wedge sandal. There are some new looks but the real trend is retro with cork, wood and rope heels. Which brings us to another definition, espadrille. Espadrilles are basically defined by their rope (or plastic formed to look like rope) heels and secondarily by a soft cloth-like upper. Most espadrilles are wedges (very few are not) so this is another look that you can feel comfortable wearing this summer.

So whether it’s called an espadrille, a wedge, or a platform this elevated toe to heel look is going to be one of the hottest trends this year.

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