Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Not all shoe shopping is fun or exciting or gives you that thrill that buying a sexy new pair of designer heels does but we need other shoes, well at least most of us do.

One shoe I need and have way too many of is athletic shoes. They’re definitely not one of those purchases that makes me feel really sexy and sassy when I buy them, but a new pair of tennis shoes does make that first work out or run a little more exciting.

Another pair of shoes I have to have, living in the snowy climate I do, is a pair of cold weather boots. I’ll admit the real cold weather boots don’t see the light of day unless I’m hiking, there’s a snow storm, or there is some other activity where I need to be warm. Typically I slip into a pair of relatively warm boots that are more about looks than practicality.

In the summer months I have a couple pairs of flip flops that I wear and I don’t think of them as great fashion statements, in fact I’d never consider them as dressy shoes.

This year the after sport or the fisherman’s sandal has gotten cuter and they’re a nice practical sort of thing so I’ll probably end up getting a pair or two but they again will definitely not fall into my sexy shoes category.

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