This article is directed more at those women who live in snowy climates in the winter, if you live in a tropical clime then you can just keep your flip flops on all winter and forget about wearing boots. But for the rest of us who battle with snow while trying to stay trendy there are three different boots that are essential this season.

Winter Footwear

I know, not very sexy or exciting but every woman who lives with snow needs to have a practical pair of boots and should keep them handy through the season. If possible, pick up a second pair or carry your main pair with you in your car when you travel. Fashion isn’t practical but sometimes safety and physical comfort has to take precedence. 

Knee High Black Boots

Black knee high boots have become the little black dress for your feet in the fall and winter. They’re such a versatile footwear selection that you can wear them in almost every situation and look smashing. From jeans to sexy holiday dress, those knee high black boots will never let you down.


Okay, so the winter footwear is incredibly practical, the knee high black boots are practical so let’s have some fun and be super trendy this season. Booties are all the rage this season so you can go practical and get a pair in a solid color that will go with a lot of outfits, or grab that trendy girl inside and take her for a run. Pair some of the latest trends in style such as animal prints, cut outs, motorcycle boots, and cowboy boots with your booties and you’ll create a look that gets noticed and will rock you through the holiday season.

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