Jenny McCarthy in Clogs

Jenny McCarthy in Clogs

Yes, there are two pairs of shoes that you absolutely must have this spring and I think you’re going to be surprised by both of them.

The first is a pair of shoes you have to rush out and buy is a pair of clogs. Yep, that’s right. A pair of clogs. The modern clog is a bit more stylish than its clunky 70’s cousin, but even the old ones will do because it is all about the clog. Now, typically these seem like a fall shoe so if you want to freshen it up a little and feel more springy, then I’d suggest looking for a pair with cut outs that give you a little breathing room.

The second pair of must have shoes, a good pair of athletic shoes. Whether you’re going to do some serious exercise or if you’re just going to get one of those technologically advanced walking shoes that burn more calories and activate more muscles, you need a pair of athletic shoes. Fitness is coming back in style and all the cool kids are going to be working out and flaunting it a little bit. Some of them will be flaunting it a lot, as short shorts are going to be everywhere this summer, so the time to shape up is now.

So believe it or not, sandals do not make my two must have shoes list for spring 2010. But if I extended the list to three, strappy sandals would be right in there. Happy shopping!

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