Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Well, it’s been touted here, there and pretty much everywhere that the over the knee boot was going to be all the rage in 2010 footwear, and I’ve doubted it since the first rumblings. Now I’ve seen a great number of over the knee boots on celebrities but I’ve never actually seen a “real person” wearing them. And I don’t expect to see many people sporting this look in the 2010 season. Over the knee boots are simply not flattering, the cut the body in a weird place and make the thigh look larger as it blooms out of the boot. Also the very high over the knee boot looks too much like hooker heels and the flat soled over the knee boot makes one wonder where your quiver and arrows are.

Opt for a knee high boots instead and you’ll still look trendy and not quite so dumpy. This may not be the newest trend for 2010 but its holding strong and continues to be a classy look.

Another trend that’s really not all it’s cracked up to be, the cut out booties. Booties and boots are for cold weather and adding cut outs seems illogical in the weirdest way. Sort of like shorts and boots, they may seem like a good idea on paper but in actuality it’s not a look that anyone should carry off.

Rather than following the impractical trend of cut out booties, opt for a simple pair of booties instead. A neutral colored pair of booties is cutting edge fashion at the moment and much more practical and flattering that the cut out counterpart.

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  1. Brian Keith on Monday 16, 2009

    Whoever posted this does not know squat about fashion. All sorts of real people are wearing low heel over knee boots and I think they look hot. I hope you do not give out stock market advice!