Celebrities in UGGs

Celebrities in UGGs

Okay, I hate UGGs. I’ve never been shy about saying it and I know a lot of people just love them, couldn’t imagine living without them, but believe me, you can and should. That is until now.

News on the street is that UGG  is forming a new relationship with the shoe god himself, Jimmy Choo. How can it be? How can I think a shoe is just so ugly that nothing is more perfect that the fact that they’re named UGGs and then the best shoe designer to walk the globe has decided to pair up with this ugly shoe designer?

The deal is that they two companies will form one label, Ugg & Jimmy Choo and there are five pieces scheduled for the market. Will this really be a one time and limited pairing, it’s very doubtful that that will be the case in my opinion. I have a feeling these shoes will be wildly popular (even with their high price tag) and the companies will continue their merger.

I’m excited to see what this pairing creates but it’s doubtful that I’ll ever own any of their creations. I still think UGGs are ugly and I simply cannot afford a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

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