Uma ThurmanDespite her awkward stance, Uma Thurman looked very lovely at the premiere of “The Accidental Husband” in London. Her black suit looks fabulous – I like that’s it’s tied with a sash-type belt rather than buttoned.

Her jewelry is very nice also. The necklace is the perfect accessory to the rest of her outfit. Here Uma wears a pair of black peep-toe pumps that are quite fitting for the occasion. What’s great about her suit is that should could change the look of it drastically be just switching up her shoes.

For example by adding a colorful platform sandal and print top, the suit would be a little more funky. However, for an elegant night out on the town, a pair of metallic strappy heels and a shimmery blouse would give the suit a more luxurious evening look.

When buying essentials for your wardrobe, like a suit or a little black dress, make sure you can dress them up or down for different occasions. A few key, versatile pieces are better than a bunch of garments you won’t wear that often.

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