Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham was out at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston today. She greeted fans, posed for pictures and promoted her dVb by Victoria Beckham denim and sunglass collections.

The line was produced by Victoria, along with Western Glove Works, the company behind 1921 jeans.

I know Posh has always been thin, but she’s so skinny now that she might be fading away. Here, in all black, she looks even more tiny than usual. And that big cinching belt doesn’t help matters. She does have on a cute pair of peep-toe shoes. As is the norm with Victoria, even if she’s wearing a bad outfit, she usually has fairly good taste in shoes.

Victoria was asked recently by the Boston Globe about the outfits she used to wear with the Spice Girls.

“I like to think it was all good at the time,” said Victoria. “But I’ll look at the makeup and think ‘My God, look at all that bloody makeup’ or ‘Look at that hair.’ So I’ll cringe a little bit. When I look back on all those pictures, I realize that’s what made me who I am now. I’m proud of that.”

It’s funny that she doesn’t realize that people still cringe at her fashion choices. It wasn’t that long ago she was wearing the outfit below. Umm … cute T-straps.

Victoria Beckham

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