Converse Sneakers

Converse Sneakers

So Converse goes in and out of style, and somehow it seems to hit a different group every time the trend crops up. I’ve been on the target end of that trend more than once. There’s an adorable picture of me at about four years old wearing a pair of black and white Chuck Taylors and now I have a pair of old plaid ones from the 90’s that I can’t seem to part with and they still fit so what the heck.

This year Converse is coming out with some new shoes that are going in a couple different directions and I’m not exactly sure what their target market is. I’m thinking skater girl and maybe young and super trendy and wealthy.

The skater girl Converse this season comes in neon pink and ranges from a neon pink high top to a bit more subtle low top with pink trim. And then there is the way out there Converse All Star Knee Hi sneakers. Obviously not designed for anything other than to get attention, these shoes may not become a must have item for everyone’s closet but I bet you’ll notice the few pairs you do see.

The other way I see Converse going this season is definitely targeted at people with a bit more disposable income as they’re considerably more expensive than most Converse sneaks. To justify the expense, these Converse shoes are studded. In both studded high top sneakers and studded low top sneakers. Starting last year studded shoes became a hot trend so I guess it’s no surprise its moved into the athletic shoe and less than athletic shoe arena.

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