Suri Cruise Heels

Suri Cruise Heels

It’s the holiday season again and time to dress up for parties and family get-togethers. But as those with children know, it’s not just time for us to look good but kids want to follow the trends as well.

This season the big rage with the big girls is the same rage with the little girls, special occasion shoes with heels. Maybe we can blame Suri Cruise for her earlier display this year in heels or maybe it’s the towering stilettos the little ones see us prancing around in but heels are huge for little girls this season.

If you’re thinking about getting heels for your little girl make sure they’re of an appropriate age. Toddlers are a no go for heels unless you’re going to carry them the whole time, those unsure ankles can easily twist and sprain or even break with a heel. But shoes designed for grade schoolers often have a little, wide-based heel that provides girls the stability they need. But practicing walking and giving them some tips is not a bad idea, especially before you let them run and play with their friends.

Another thing to keep in mind when dressing your little girls for the holidays is keeping a spare pair of shoes on hand. Looking pretty usually only lasts for the first impression, then they get involved in playing and other activities so bringing along a pair of flats or even athletic shoes is probably a great idea. Keep the secondary shoes in a neutral color or even a matching one and your little darling will still be the belle of the ball.

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