What Shoe are You

What Shoe are You

Have you ever wondered, if I was a shoe what shoe would I be? Probably not, but let’s play anyway.

What do you do on your free time?

a)    Something outdoorsy.

b)    Go shopping.

c)    Who has free time?

d)    Go on a date.

What are you most thankful for?

a)    My health.

b)    All of my friends.

c)    My career.

d)    My looks.

What are you more likely to read at the doctor’s office?

a)    Shape Magazine.

b)    People Magazine.

c)    Business Week.

d)    Glamour.

What word best describes you?

a)    Active.

b)    Trendy.

c)    Practical.

d)    Sexy.

If you selected A more than any other answer then you’re an athletic shoe, probably something new and trendy as your dedication to health and fitness is key, you are a Skechers Shape-Up.

If you selected B more than any other answer then you are an over the knee boot. Always the cutting edge of style, forget practicality and blaze a new trail for others to follow. You are the Juicy Couture Honey Over the Knee Boots with Lacing.

If you selected option C more than any other answer then you fall into the corporate casual category. You are business first and style falls by the wayside. Your shoes are functional and practical and only grab the right kind of attention. You are a Rockport Women’s Lilly Loafer, perfect for work and play with your family.

If the option you chose most was D then you are a red hot sexual dynamo always trying to grab attention and strut your stuff. You’re a high heeled sandal but not just any old sandal, you’re glam and accessorized and overly strappy, you’re the Giuseppe Zanotti Shoe.

If you answered a combination of letters then you’re either a very confused shoe or you’re versatile enough to have a full closet in your personality.

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  1. Lucy Ryder on Saturday 30, 2010

    Although i answered mostly a)s i think i am really a ballet or funky flat shoe in some quirky material that reflects my slightly mad personal and creative streak!