Men's Shoes

Men's Shoes

Every woman who is shoe obsessed raise your hand – except me because I need both hands to type. So why not take our passion and turn it into a gift for loved one? This 2009 Christmas season men need shoes too so why not take your expertise and get them the hottest men’s shoe fashions.

Dressy Sneakers

Sure athletic shoes still have their place in a man’s wardrobe, but the dressy sneaker has moved up the trend meter and become a must have shoe. It’s sort of a “I’m-so-casual-but-still-wear-great-shoes” look. Every guy should have a pair to pull on with jeans and a nice shirt so they can look and feel comfy and put together.

Light Soled Boots

It’s boot season and a man that can wear a boot well is one sexy guy, but this season the light soled boots are the latest trend in men’s boots. I’m not sure I can get behind this look. If you want your man to be super trendy then the light soled boots are the way to go but tread carefully as he may not like the look.

Slip on Loafers

Not your grandpa’s shoes anymore, the slip on loafer is a shoe that women and men alike love. It’s practical, comfortable and stylish, at least sometimes it is. Stay away from the shoes that are too casual or too elaborate, keep your man’s sense of style in mind when buying him a pair of shoes for Christmas 2009 and you’ll both be happy.

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