gladiator vs peep
I know that gladiator sandals are supposed to be the latest amazing trend in women’s shoes. This is fashion? I suppose like many other hot women’s fashion styles, gladiator shoes look amazing on a tall, thin, leggy model. Seriously? What doesn’t? But on the average woman, a flat gladiator sandal that wraps horizontal straps from the toe all the way up the calf only makes her leg look shorter and wider. Yuck.

Which leads us to my reigning favorite women’s shoe style — the peep-toe slingback heel. Always sexy, always classy, always appropriate with dresses, skirts and pants. A lovely, slender 2″ to 3″ heel lengthens the leg, while showing a bit of skin at the toe and the heel
whispers femininity and confidence, furthering the illusion of leg length.

That slender stacked heel is key to the illusion of airy length, though. Hamstringing a peep-toe slingback with a chunky heel, or worse, a wedge ruins the vision of classic femininity. Even this beautiful patent peep-toe wedge shoe just doesn’t dress up and dress down the way it would with a stacked heel at the same height. This shoe is solidly casual by virtue of the wedge heel. It breaks my heart. Sigh.

One thing is certain with a slingback peep-toe, you’d better keep on top of those pedicures. I’m right behind you — grab your oversized envelope clutch and let’s go!

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  1. Brad Bauer on Monday 13, 2009

    Peep toe slingbacks are seeexy. There ought to be some sort of rule against gladiator sandals in public….sorta like crocs.

  2. peanut73 on Monday 13, 2009

    Real men wear pink & green gladiator sandals 🙂

  3. DSF on Monday 13, 2009

    I like how you edited the pics to change their gladiator sandals 🙂

    Who knew that gladiators way back then knew about fashion and trends.